Pure Analog has landed

Born with a simple idea in mind, to make a Maschine pack purely using analog sound sources from the ground up. Every oscillator, in every element is produced from scratch using only analogue hardware, from every drum hit, to bass sample to pad to effect. Capturing each element faithfully using vintage analogue preamps with discrete tube distortion units to add colour in a way only real hardware can.

Unrestricted by producing a set style or genre, this pack is geared to give analogue warmth, tone and character to your latest productions. With its professionally constructed sounds, kits and patterns this pack will be ideal in your house, techno and electronica tracks.

Although we represented classic 808 and 909 within the pack, we acknowledged these classics have been sampled time and time again, and made us dig a lot deeper. As well using classic units as sound sources, we also sourced modern and classic boutique analogues and set them to work crafting something truly unique.

For our drums, as well as the Elektron Analog RYTM, Vermona DRMIII, Jomox Mbrane, Vermona Kick Lancet, Roland 808 and 909 we also used non specialist drum machines to create quality drum and percussion sounds. On drum duties as well as those already mentioned, we also deployed the new Korg MS20m, Moog Voyager, Elektron A4, Oberhiem Matrix, Roland SH101 and also Dave Smiths Prophet 08 to provide a wide ranging and unique drum collection

Bass, keys, FX, stabs, chords and other tones were again all sourced from synths such as the Moog Voyager, Elektron A4, Matrix 1000, Prophet 08, carefully captured with vintage pre-amps and abused where possible with valves and transistors.

Once in the Maschine/Ableton environment each pad, rack and note is carefully processed within the digital domain to bring these warm and colourful tones truly to life.

The kits and patterns are inspired by a wide range of artists such as Kink, Noir, David August, Solomun, Mano Le Tough, Lake People, Animal Trainer, Jimpster and many more. From Dance to House to Techno to Film Score the sounds, kits and sequences in this pack will open you up to a world of inspiration

Take a listen to the demos for an idea of what this truly unique pack has in store.

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