Free Oberheim DMX pack

As a celebration for launching our brand new website we have decided to give away a free pack containing 5 Classic DMX Kits. Previously only available when you brought the Vital Vocals Collection - You'll be able to download the Oberheim DMX for free for a limited time.

The Oberheim DMX drum machine may not have the fame of the Roland 808 and 909 drum machines but it never the less packs a serious punch via its superb crunchy 12 bit audio engine and its now famous and unique snare, clap, and hats. Put them together with its deceivingly punchy kick, percussion and tom elements and one can really hear how unique and powerful this 80’s drum machine really is. The Oberheim DMX has been used non stop since the early 80’s by a diverse group of artists from pop to experimental to club and indie rock. Modern artists who have used the DMX to great effect include Justice (Cross) and Rustie (Glass Swords). Both artists showcase how powerful the DMX is on their respective albums from in your face Indie Dance via Justice and the very deep and warm Glass Swords album via Rustie.

Here at Niche Audio we were highly motivated to bring you a small but very powerful package of 5 high quality DMX drum kits for Maschine 2 and Ableton Live. If your looking for quality samples of the DMX drum machine, from a respected source then look no further. Be assured these samples are not downloaded from some random internet site. They were sampled via the actual hardware drum machine. These samples are the real deal - you know where they came from, and can be 100% confident the quality is high!