Modern Hip Hop

a new twist on a classic formula

Niche Audio brings you 16 brand new production kits to spark inspiration into your latest productions. Modern Hip Hop is an incredible collection of kits designed for Ableton Live 9 and Maschine 2.

Experience a new twist on a classic formula as Modern Hip Hop brings you to brave new heights. Warm and punchy drums, deep baselines and smooth melodies create a vibe unlike any other - one that will surely get the creativity flowing. Expertly programmed midi patterns add to the human feel and further enhance the overall sound and authenticity of the genre.

All samples and patterns have been expertly programmed to instantly inspire you whatever music making mood your in. Each kit or project loads with an excellent choice of conceptual midi patterns allowing you to instantly evaluate the sounds in perfect context and start making great music.

If your in need of an injection of inspiration, or want to start a track with a warm deep vibe - Modern Hip Hop has you covered. You can tweak and change the samples, Fx, mix and patterns to your heart’s content, or you can start working with the right sounds immediately, avoiding any moments of writers block. Everything about a Niche genre pack is about keeping you in the creative zone.

Modern Hip Hop is another Niche Audio pack which screams vibe and authenticity. Check out the main demo to find out more about the type of sounds that you can expect in this pack, and invest in the best with Niche Audio custom producer packs and authentic sample collections.



Modern Hip Hop is available for both Maschine and Ableton Live.


Maschine users can expect to find 16 projects, 16 kits and 156 samples.


Ableton Live users can expect to find 16 projects, 16 drum racks, 56 instrument racks and 256 samples.

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Available for Maschine 2 & Ableton Live