Engineered with precision 


Niche Audio was launched with the specific purpose of creating highly authentic, genre driven packs for Ableton Live and Maschine 2. Each of our packs is filled with top flight mix ingredients and perfectly processed in contemporary styles and genres, mixed and engineered with precision, allowing you total flexibility and inspiration to take your music to the next level.

Release Quality Kits & Projects


Focusing on one shot drums, bass, music and FX hits - Niche Audio delivers custom built kits within each native software host; including project files, starter arrangements, groups/kits, midi patterns, host FX and processing as well as the one shot samples themselves. Each kit is then mixed using the software’s built in FX and processors to present you with commercial release quality kits. With a few simple changes of midi notes and samples you can come up with something completely unrecognisable from the original within minutes.

Versatile and Insperational


Niche Audio prides itself on giving you with the most versatile and inspirational tools available. Think of a Niche Audio Ableton or Maschine kit or project as a super preset which can be manipulated and edited from the samples to the MIDI data to the Mix and FX. Every detail can be easily transformed by you in a matter of minutes without ever getting in the way of your creativity. Our genre specific kits are a truly inspiring starting point for your music whether you’re an experienced producer or a newcomer.